Future Fossils with Michael Garfield
126 - Phil Ford & JF Martel on Weird Studies & Plural Realities

126 - Phil Ford & JF Martel on Weird Studies & Plural Realities

This week Future Fossils gets even weirder with guests Phil Ford and JF Martel, cohosts of the Weird Studies podcast. Weird Studies is one of my favorite shows, hands down. Phil and JF’s marvelous threading together of the joyful and the bleak, the transcendent and the hangdog, the gems of literature and the tentacles of the ineffable real, is a sorely needed tightrope walk in an era insistent on clean answers and decisive resolutions.

The modern world is a VERY weird place, and these two gentlemen are some of my most trusted curators of places to look and ways of seeing for thriving amidst that weirdness. In this episode, we explore (among other eldritch horrors) the irreducibility and always-ness of the weird; the historical and metabolic forces that join beauty and trauma; and the value of the stubbornly unassimilated fact and its adherents.

Dig into Weird Studies and become transformed:


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A very thin slice of the topics we discuss:

JF on Future Fossils (episode 18 & episode 71)

MG on Weird Studies (episode 26)

Weird Studies on Marshall McLuhan

Weird Studies on William James

Erik Davis - High Weirdness (Future Fossils episode 99; Weird Studies episode 48)

Leonard Cohen - “Waiting for the Miracle”

Phil: “The seawall we build against the seething Lovecraftian whatever.”

Eric Wargo - Time Loops (episode 117)

Global Weirding

The Replication Crisis

Lady Chatterly’s Lover: “The cataclysm has happened. We are among the ruins.”

Richard Doyle - Darwin’s Pharmacy

Douglas Rushkoff - Present Shock (episode 67)

William Burroughs - Naked Lunch

Aleister Crowley

Jonathan Zap

Furtherrr Collective

Beauty & Danger

Theodor Adorno

Weird Consultants to help you organize for the unexpected

David Weinberger - Everyday Chaos (episode 123)

lntro music by Michael Garfield, “Undefeatable Optimism Gets Up After KO”


Outro music by Evan “Skytree” Snyder feat. Michael Garfield, “God Detector”


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