Future Fossils with Michael Garfield
🎶⚔️👏🏼 205 - Greg Thomas & Stephanie Lepp on Jazz Leadership & Antagonistic Cooperation

🎶⚔️👏🏼 205 - Greg Thomas & Stephanie Lepp on Jazz Leadership & Antagonistic Cooperation

A juicy trialogue on harnessing diversity and conflict for collective good.

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This week on Future Fossils, I enter into a deep and delightful call-and-response game with Greg Thomas, co-founder of Jazz Leadership with his wife Jewel Kinch-Thomas, and Stephanie Lepp, CEO of Synthesis Media and multiple Webby-winning transmedia culture hacker whose friendship I made interviewing her for episode 154.

Among many other things, we discuss these superb articles by Jewel Kinch-Thomas:

Jazz Improvisation: Lessons for Conversation
Reciprocity: The Ebb and Flow of Relationship Building
Change Leadership

…and these pieces by Greg:

Race and Jazz: A Candid View
A Paradigm Shift on Race
Cultural Intelligence: Transcending Race, Embracing Cosmos

…and these pieces by and with Greg at Free Black Thought:

Deracialization Now
Jazz, The Omni-American Ideal, and a Future Beyond Bigotry
Considering Deracialization: A Response to Glenn Loury and Clifton Roscoe

✨ Chapters:

(0:00:00) - Departing From The Score To Navigate Transition
(0:13:08) - Jazz, Business Leadership, and Conversation
(0:31:37) - Principles of Jazz Leadership and Anti-Debate
(0:49:53) - Exploring Reciprocity, Power, and Disagreement
(1:03:33) - Deracialization, Defining Jazz, and Integral Theory
(1:19:40) - Race, Jazz, Cultural Somatics, and Collective Intelligence


Tyler Marghetis (Complexity 67), Allan Combs, Charles Eisenstein (Future Fossils 85), Doug Rushkoff (Future Fossils 67), Tech Ethics As Psychedelic Parenting at CBA, Stewart Brand’s Pace Layers, Robert Poynton (Future Fossils 196), Jewel Kinch-Thomas, Albert Perry, Ian Leslie at Aeon Magazine: “A Good Scrap”, Lynn Margulis, Daniel Schmachtenberger (Future Fossils 51), Zak Stein (Future Fossils 97), Joseph Campbell, Heinrich Zimmer, Ralph Ellison, Peter Limberg, Thomas Jefferson, Frederick Douglass, Danielle Allen, Glenn Loury

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