Future Fossils with Michael Garfield
🌊🏄🌱 207 - Tech & Community LIVE at Junkyard Social Club with Evan Snyder, Ryan Madson, Roger Toennis, Aaron Gabriel, & Juicy Life

🌊🏄🌱 207 - Tech & Community LIVE at Junkyard Social Club with Evan Snyder, Ryan Madson, Roger Toennis, Aaron Gabriel, & Juicy Life

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Before we begin: Join me for a six-week online course on science, philosophy, economics, media, and dinosaurs! Jurassic Worlding is a psychedelic deep dive into self-fulfilling techno-thrillers and the analog-digital transition. Combining live viewing parties with asynchronous study group action in a private forum, this course is pay-what-you-want and having you involved helps me flesh out ideas for my next book! We meet on Tuesday nights at 4 pm PT/7 pm ET. All recordings will be yours to resurrect at will if you can’t make the classes live.

This week I’m glad to share a special Future Fossils Live recorded at one of the coolest places I have ever seen, the Junkyard Social Club in Boulder, Colorado! It’s a menagerie of interesting brilliant weirdos, including my old friend and original co-host/robotics engineer Evan Snyder, soul-searching serial community-development entrepreneur Ryan Madson, former rocket scientist turned tech advisor Roger Toennis, former Google employee turned Director of Consciousness Hacking CO Aaron Gabriel Neyer, and “self-metaprogrammer” Tom Bassett aka Juicy Life.

In a rather fast-paced hour, we explore what is emerging in an age of learning machines and reimagined urban spaces and radical new modes of social order. This was one of those delightful in-the-flesh discussions that CLEARLY left us all enriched and hopeful for a world that, while out of our control, still shines with tasty possibility.

Chapters and keywords provided by my AI buddies at Podium.Page:

(0:00:00) - Exploring Interdependence and Community Dynamics
(0:03:50) - The Responsibility of Technology and Parenting
(0:15:48) - AI's Impact on Art and IP
(0:23:21) - The Intersection of Technology and Physicality
(0:31:25) - Exploring Artificial Intelligence and Cultural Shifts
(0:41:00) - The Future of Technology and Ethics
(0:45:58) - Technology and Interdependence in Society
(0:50:19) - The Interplay Between Interdependence and Technology
(0:55:47) - Technology, Culture, and Individual Impact
(1:01:27) - Tensegrity and the Future of Work
(1:05:37) - Exploring Hope and Creating New Paradigms

Interdependence, Community Dynamics, COVID-19, Human Connection, Urban Spaces, Technology, Parenting, Holistic Thinking, Future Tech, Corporate Power, Open-Source Language Models, Artificial Intelligence, Cultural Shifts, Individual Purpose, Operating System, Individualistic Consciousness, Tensegrity, Hope, Paradigms, Funemployment, Fractal Pods, Neural Nets, Fractal Tribe

Enjoy and do not hesitate to reach out if this kindles something in you!

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🎸 Live at Honeymoon Brewery Full-Concert Video

Enjoy this full-length video I captured at one of my favorite concerts in over twenty years of music! This show at Honeymoon Brewery (RIP) was what I always wanted: outside, under a lovely tree, surrounded by family and friends, my kids playing with my friends’ kids, great kombucha, cool autumn air. My daughter wore the new dress she had earned by making and then selling art with me. I got to show off my new eight-string strandberg guitar and fresh original material. We all got wonderfully buzzed. I’m heartbroken that Honeymoon closed this location (curse you, Santa Fe, for killing their amazing outdoor concert series!) but at least we have this fossil.

📝 Episode 207 Extended Show Notes & Transcript

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