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👷🏽🌎🎊 208 - Building Cultural Capacity for A REAL Psychedelic Renaissance with Samantha Sweetwater, Ian-Michael Hebert, and Jahan Khamsehzadeh @ Psychedelic Science 2023

👷🏽🌎🎊 208 - Building Cultural Capacity for A REAL Psychedelic Renaissance with Samantha Sweetwater, Ian-Michael Hebert, and Jahan Khamsehzadeh @ Psychedelic Science 2023

This week on the show I share a reading and panel discussion with three amazing psychedelic thought-leaders I facilitated as a satellite event during the MAPS 2023 Psychedelic Science Conference! Samantha Sweetwater (author of The Wisdom of WTF?!? and the forthcoming book True Human), Jahan Khamsehzadeh (author of The Psilocybin Connection), and Ian-Michael Hebert (founder of Holos Global) met in an intimate elixir bar high above the fray of the conference to riff on what it will take to have the psychedelic renaissance so many of us THOUGHT we were helping incubate and midwife (as opposed to what we got).

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✨ Chapters and keywords provided by Podium.Page:

(0:00:00) - Navigating the Collapse
Midwifery, courage, acculturation, pleasure-seeking, True Human Reimagining Humaneness, gracefully facing collapse.

(0:08:04) - Foundations of Psychedelic Renaissance Exploring
We explore wholeness, psychoactivity, Samantha Sweetwater's journey, and David Bohm's quote on fragmentation and perception.

(0:26:10) - Psychedelics and the Evolution of Wholeness
Psychedelics, Maslow's hierarchy, Richard Doyle's work, and nature's evolutionary process are discussed to catalyze holotropic states of consciousness and unity.

(0:37:22) - Communion and the Circle of Life
We explore the implications of our current ways of doing humanness on the life cycle of a complex life-bearing planet, and how to cultivate a mastery of relationship and the between.

(0:54:10) - Future of Meta-inviduality and Balance
We explore academic prestige, decolonization, life-centrism, psychedelics, and the Luciferic/Ahrimanic balance.

(1:01:38) - Paradigms of Development and Igniting Moments
Psychedelics access animism, integrate individual missions, explore Stoned Ape theory, and set conditions for humanity's flowering.

(1:11:15) - Exploring AI, Technology, and Devolution
We explore technology, AI, nature, and aging to find love, understanding, and elegant solutions.

✨ Keywords:

Consciousness, Psychedelics, Collapse, Humaneness, Wholeness, Psychoactivity, David Bohm, Stanislaw Grof, Abraham Maslow, Richard Doyle, Macroorganism, Interconnection, Ken Wilber, Terence McKenna, Decolonization, Biocentrism, Luciferic Principle, Ahrimanic Principle, Midwifery, Animism, Stoned Ape Theory, AI, Technology, De-evolution, Nature, Aging, Kate Raworth,

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