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👁️🧠🎧 210 - Mitch Schultz & Shanta Stevens on Documenting The Next Psychedelic Revolution

👁️🧠🎧 210 - Mitch Schultz & Shanta Stevens on Documenting The Next Psychedelic Revolution

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This week I welcome back psychedelic film-maker and culture-cultivator Mitch Schultz, Director of the legendary documentary DMT: The Spirit Molecule, alongside our mutual co-conspirator, experience design consultant and psychedelic provocateur Shanta Stevens.  The two of them have formed a nucleus at Uniphi Studio around which a new transmedia documentary project is emerging — The Conscious Molecule — which will reflect on the decade-plus since Schultz’s groundbreaking documentary on the science and philosophy of DMT to look at these themes through a MUCH wider aperture. The three of us go deep and broad on a very far-ranging constellation of topics:

(0:00:01) - AI, Psychonautics, Digital Media, Language Models, and The Third Western Psychedelic Revolution
(0:17:25) - The Future of AI-Human Cooperation
(0:26:42) - Consciousness, Complexity, and Panpsychism
(0:31:28) - Randomness, Entanglement, Decentralization, and The Conscious Molecule
(0:38:46) - Exploring Consciousness and Futures
(0:42:23) - The Future of Journalism and The Role of Independent Documentaries
(0:47:55) - Psychedelic Therapy and The Overview Effect
(0:51:43) - Transcension Hypothesis, UFOs, and Quantum Physics
(0:57:43) - Altered States, Self-Reprogramming, Initiations, and Integration
(1:03:32) - Technology's Impact on Consciousness and Humanity
(1:13:08) - DataViz, Hyperdimensional Passports, The Future of Identity, and The Role of Community

If that sounds like a whirlwind, it is!  Find a cozy recliner — and maybe an eye mask — and book an appointment with your favorite peer support/integration counselor, because this is going to be a ride…

NOTE: I’m delighted to drop this episode in the midst of a smoking hot debate about what does and does not qualify as “pseudoscience” in the research of consciousness (see coverage by Flora Graham and Erik Hoel).  LOL

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James Oroc
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DMT: The Spirit Molecule by Rick Strassman
Infoboros: Recursion Across Mind, Matter, and Information by Vidur Mishra
Darwin’s Pharmacy: Sex, Plants, and The Evolution of The Noosphere by Richard Doyle
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Meditation Death Match


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