Future Fossils with Michael Garfield
🌏🚜🫀212 - Manfred Laubichler & Geoffrey West on Life In The Anthropocene & Living Inside The Technosphere

🌏🚜🫀212 - Manfred Laubichler & Geoffrey West on Life In The Anthropocene & Living Inside The Technosphere

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This week on the show I speak with physicist Geoffrey West (SFI) and evolutionary biologist Manfred Laubichler (ASU, SFI) about the transformations that our geosphere, biosphere, technosphere, and noosphere are undergoing as the “extended phenotype” of human innovation runs rampant across the surface of Planet Earth.  These two distinguished scientists are some of the most profound thinkers I’ve ever encountered, helping midwife a new understanding of what it means to be human and a planetary citizen. I have wanted Geoffrey West on Future Fossils since well before I even started working for SFI in 2018, so this episode is the consummation of a years-long journey and I cannot be more excited to share it with you!  It feels a little like crossing the streams in Ghostbusters, but <shrug> we live in an increasingly-intertwingled world, so let’s make the best of it!  I wouldn’t be where I am today without these two fine minds and their important work.  Enjoy…

“The consequences of the Anthropocene are the product of innovations, and yet somehow we think the way out is through EVEN MORE innovation. This is a predicament…Innovation has to be looked at critically. One of the interesting things in the history of life is the OPPRESSION of innovation.”
– Manfred Laubichler

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 Your Anthropocene & Technosphere Syllabus:

More Is Different: Broken symmetry and the nature of the hierarchical structure of science.
Phil Anderson

Population growth, climate change create an ‘Anthropocene engine' that's changing the planet
Manfred Laubichler

Scale and information-processing thresholds in Holocene social evolution
Jaeweon Shin et al.

Policies may influence large-scale behavioral tipping
Karine Nyborg et al.

Teaching the Anthropocene from a Global Perspective (2014!)
Manfred Laubichler & Jürgen Renn

More from them:
Seminar: Co-Evolutionary Perspectives on the Technosphere
Anthropocene Campus | Technosphere / Co-Evolution, presented by Jürgen Renn and Manfred Laubichler
The Growth and Differentiation of Metabolism: Extended Evolutionary Dynamics in the Technosphere

SFI Community Event - Panel discussion on the Past, Present, and Future of the Anthropocene
Sander van der Leeuw, D.A. Wallach, & Geoffrey West, moderated by Manfred Laubichler

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Ed William on the work of Dror Poleg

The Future is Fungi: The Rise and Rhizomes of Mushroom Culture
Jeff VanderMeer, Kaitlin Smith, & Merlin Sheldrake, moderated by Corey Pressman

Does the Ecology of Somatic Tissue Normally Constrain the Evolution of Cancer?
John Pepper at SFI

The Acronym Behind Our Wildest AI Dreams and Nightmares
Re: TESCREAL, coined by Timnit Gebru & Émile Torres

Complexity Literacy for a Sustainable Digital Transition: Cases and Arguments From Transdisciplinary Education Programs
Gerald Steiner

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