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🐦‍⬛🦖🕵🏼‍♀️ 216 - Jingmai O'Connor on Dead Birds & Living Paleontologists

🐦‍⬛🦖🕵🏼‍♀️ 216 - Jingmai O'Connor on Dead Birds & Living Paleontologists

✨ Plus "Indecision", my new single and music video for The Age of Reunion! ✨

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This week I speak with Jingmai O’Connor (Staff Page | Instagram), Associate Curator of Fossil Reptiles (a.k.a. Priestess of Dead Dino-Birds) at The Field Museum in Chicago, about the magnificent strangeness of Mesozoic flying reptiles, the perverse anthropology of paleontologists, and much else. Contrary to expectations for a show with “fossils” in its title, I don’t ordinarily interview people who actually dig up prehistoric creatures, but as I make perhaps too obvious in this enthusiastic get-to-know-each-other session, I still care deeply for the treasured mysteries that lie in store beneath our feet and love the people who devote their lives to studying the ancient biosphere — even if the system’s crooked and we fight about as much as dinosaurs themselves.

Here’s to Jingmai and her singular life and mind! Do yourself a favor and acquire her book When Dinosaurs Conquered The Skies, truly a treat for all ages, and then if you want to leap like Microraptor into the thicket of her publications you can scope her work on Google Scholar.  (And shout out to her friends Rextooth, who do in fact make awesome dino comics.)

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