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Psychoactive essays, speculative fiction, art, music, and podcasts exploring the pre- and post-history of human-technology co-evolution. Ecodelic explorations into: emergent engineering, social epistemology, the nonhuman turn, hyperstition, reality ruptures, weird ontology, extended cognition, hyperobjects and Eldritch complex systems thinking, and the ongoing generative remix of our categories. Science poetry for a transdisciplinary age, to prepare you for a weirder future than we can suppose...

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Artist-philosopher and paleontologist-futurist Michael Garfield helps "Rewild the Singularity" – restoring soul to futurism, midwifing new myths for transition, and helping cultivate the curiosity and play we'll need to thrive in our accelerating age.


Synthesist, complex systems science bard, and weird philosopher. Author, singer-songwriter, guitarist, and public speaker, he hosts Future Fossils and SFI's Complexity Podcast. At home, he raises two kids, a cat, three turtles, and many plants.