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🤖🌳📈 220 - Austin Wade Smith on Convivial Ecological Institutions and Open Source Commons for Sensemaking

🤖🌳📈 220 - Austin Wade Smith on Convivial Ecological Institutions and Open Source Commons for Sensemaking

How AI-empowered landscapes with political agency and revenue models can make biodiversity the bottom line...

This week I riff with Austin Wade Smith (they/them) — an animist, designer, ecologist, and creative technologist based in Brooklyn, New York and the Executive Director of Regen Foundation, a US-based non-profit working with distributed ledgers and AI to design sovereign regenerative economics. Austin’s work explores opportunities for social, legal, economic, and information technologies to foster greater interdependence between individuals and our living world. They teach design and engineering courses related to their research at universities in New York.

In this conversation we explore what Austin calls “a simple framework designed to expand the legibility of the ‘more than human world’ (such as ‘Nature’, Non-Humans, ‘More-than-Human Ecologies’, etc.) to various anthropogenic infrastructures and technologies, with the aim of increasing the ‘surface area’ through which non-humans directly exert influence on human-made systems.”

How can we make ecosystems more legible to the economic and political contexts in which they now exist?

Get ready for a conversation that up-ends conventional categories to hack open a new possibility space for human-machine symbiosis and technologically-assisted biospheric stewardship!

PS — I’m trying to launch a NEW podcast, Humans On The Loop, about how to use our new AI superpowers wisely. Here’s more info in case you’d like to help support this project or know someone who might!

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“Corporate Metabolism” by Xander Paco Nathan
“The Singularity in Our Past Light-Cone” by Cosma Shalizi

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