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93 - Virtuoso Guitarist Andreas Kapsalis on Travel, Life, and Music

93 - Virtuoso Guitarist Andreas Kapsalis on Travel, Life, and Music

This week’s guest is one of my favorite living musicians, acoustic guitarist Andreas Kapsalis. We linked up at the magical experimental city of Arcosanti, Arizona last year during their Convergence event, at which we both performed, and talked about life as itinerant musicians drawing on a wealth of world cultures and traditions. This is a humbler and more human episode of Future Fossils – hope that you enjoy it!



Watch a video of Andreas playing his composition, “Ethnos”: 


We Discuss:

Being raised in a musical family and how being musical changes one’s experience of time.

The cultural influences of Greece and Andalusian musics and their vocabulary of odd time signatures and harmonies and energies.

His love for the Old West and Arizona’s cowboy movie landscape…and the “freaking weird mutation” of Arcosanti’s aberrant European retro-future architecture in the desert.

Why is the West Coast of anywhere like the West Coast of anywhere else?

Living off-grid and the importance of getting away…

…but silence is awkward!

Cultivating a relationship with plants.

“You don’t really matter. Being reminded of that is really important.”

The integration of nature and city living, architecture as biology, the legacy of Paolo Soleri and Arcosanti.

Touring is amazing. People are amazing.

“Well, yeah, there is something to be said about stability.”

Nomads and nomadism.

Empathy and Introversion.

“Two handed tapping has allowed me to take a leak and fill a glass of water at the same time, and they say that that’s not good for you…”

The spiritual practice of multi-tasking.

The future of musical communication.

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