Future Fossils with Michael Garfield
198 - Tadaaki Hozumi on Japanese Esotericism, Aliens, Land Spirits, & The Singularity (Part 2)

198 - Tadaaki Hozumi on Japanese Esotericism, Aliens, Land Spirits, & The Singularity (Part 2)

Riffing on analog and digital animism, cyborg spirituality, the simulation hypothesis, and dragon dreams...

“We want to be careful when we’re in conflict on the internet.”
– Tadaaki Hozumi

Tadaaki Hozumi, member of Japan’s oldest surviving lineage of royal Shinto priests, is back for the second part of our three-hour conversation on animism in the ancient-future technological construct-wilderness of the 21st Century! In this episode we discuss the ongoing battle between the spirits of the analog “realm of circles” and the digital “realm of squares,” the blurry boundary between humans and artificial intelligences, the deep commonalities between UFO lore and nature spirit myths, inspirited robots, the simulation hypothesis, and more. Just as with part one, this is not for the epistemically over-determined or the philosophically faint of heart! I don’t cling to a point of view for this podcast and I suggest that you don’t either. But if Tada and his collaborator Georgie Rein Lo are right, we may all be the player-characters in a dragon’s endless dreaming. And honestly, that would explain some things…

Strap in and turn on for a discussion we hope will help you navigate the very weird-to-modern-Western-minds few years to come!

(Once again, pardon the delay — I’ve been eager to get the entirety of this profound and illuminating discussion out for over a month!  Never a dull moment in my home with two small kids.  Thanks for your patience and understanding over the last few years as Future Fossils has swayed but not fallen in the strong winds of my suddenly-a-householder life…)

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